What We Do

Our after-school classes are designed for children 4 to 14 years old across multiple locations in Mumbai. We also have programs for schools where they can make LEGO activities part of their school curriculum.

After-School Classes

Our activity classes are designed to give children the platform for hands-on learning of concepts.

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When done right, competitions can help children apply skills they have learned.

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Other Activities At TCC

Coding is an essential 21st century skill! Give your kids the best start in today’s tech world by teaching them how to code.

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For Schools

Schools can make LEGO and Robotics part of their school curriculum, allowing all students to benefit from the method.

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Parent Testimonials

The Curiosity Club is definitely Arjun’s favourite place to go tinker. It is the perfect class if a child loves to build and rebuild things and combine it with programming.

Maithili Raut

(parent of Arjun, Cathedral and John Connon School)

The Curiosity Club encourages children to learn science and math in fun and innovative ways. Team work, confidence and a love of learning are just a few positive outcomes of their program. Both my children and nephews thoroughly enjoy all their sessions at The Curiosity Club. Thank you Yuti and team!

Namita Mehta

( parent of Ayaan and Anjali, BD Somani International School )

Tiana has been coming to The Curiosity Club since a year now . She says it’s her favourite class. Thank you for making learning mechanisms and building things so easy .
The team at The Curiosity Club is very well trained, warm and explanatory all the time with kids .
Tiana loves LEGO and learning with LEGO makes it even more fun.

Nisha Shah

( parent of Tiana, 8 years, JB Petit school )

The Curiosity Club has a friendly and relaxed environment wherein a child can learn conceptual application of LEGO under loving guidance of Yuti and her team. My child had a great time preparing for the WRO with The Curiosity Club. Not only did they give them the freedom to explore different solutions for the task but also allowed them to design their own bots. Our win was just the icing on the cake of the wonderful experience our kids had.

Alpana Mehta

( parent of Shourya, 7 years, Dhirubhai Ambani International School )