Competitions - The Curiosity Club | The World Robotics Olympiad | First LEGO League


When done right, competitions can help children apply skills they have learned. They provide children a platform to gain substantial experience as well as showcase their skills.

We mentor students for two of the most prestigious and popular LEGO robotics competitions – The World Robotics Olympiad  and the First LEGO League. 

We coach and mentor children for both these competitions at centre in Tardeo. Although participating children are expected to have prior knowledge of the robotics material involved, the training sessions go further in depth in terms of building as well as programming, so children are able to solve the tasks at hand. We lay special emphasis on children completing their tasks on their own, as a team, where we only act as mentors to guide them when required. We believe that this is what will give them the ability to build the skills necessary for life.