FOUNDER - The Curiosity Club | YUTI JHAVERI | Summer Activities Centre for Children in Mumbai



Dear parents/teachers/students,

We thank you for your curiosity and for taking the time to learn more about us. The website shows you what we do and we invite you learn more about our journey and philosophy.

I finished my schooling in Mumbai and then moved to the USA to pursue my Undergraduate and Masters’ degrees in Biomedical Engineering. The methods of teaching sciences in both the countries were evidently different to me just then. It really struck to me that learning through fun and experience left deeper understanding about the concepts rather than just reading them through books.

As a parent myself, I have seen that children by nature are curious but they need the right nudge at the right time for interests to brood, especially when it comes to science and math. These early years are the building blocks for cultivating interests and intuition in the young minds.

The Curiosity Club was founded recently in 2017 by me. I wanted to create a space where children can learn science through experiences and observations, making more fun and meaningful for them.  Although ‘science’ may sound restrictive, it is actually all around us. In a nutshell, children would learn about the world around them in a playful manner.

As I researched various methods, I came across “LEGO Education”. It supported my aim and complimented my explorations into experiential learning. Researchers have spent years in perfecting the use of LEGO in classrooms to help children learn better and in a more hands on manner. LEGO is one of the most popular toys of all times and because of that, it is the most familiar, making it comfortable for the children to get used, and allowing unlimited number of explorations.

As we move ahead, The Curiosity Club will continue to build on what we started, creating a platform where children can hone their creativity, and develop skills that will help them throughout their life. Our intention is to allow children to learn to grow, not just learn to study. LEGO is just a starting point for us, and we plan to keep experimenting and bringing the best tools to create a fun and rich learning experiences for children in India.

As Einstein once said, “Curiosity has its own reason for existing”, we want to fire that curiosity and let the flame burn bright to never cease. To acknowledge it and embrace it. To learn and to grow.

Thank you.